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Emotional Mastery - Audio + eBook

Emotional Mastery - Audio + eBook


n this 3-part audio course, you'll learn how to heal your emotions and master your empathic gifts. In less than 90 minutes, you'll discover the divine purpose of our emotions (and learn about what they actually are — and what they can help you do); the truth about being an empath that no one's told you; the reasons why you're trapped in cycles of feeling "too much," and how the ability to truly feel your emotions is the key to emotional freedom.

Then, you'll take the path to mastery by learning how to use my best energetic and spiritual tools for setting and keeping proper emotional and energetic boundaries, processing and healing your deepest emotions, clearing your energy field, and more.



Lesson 1: "What Are Emotions?" - 27 minutes

  • The 6 key purposes of our emotions
  • An exploration of emotions as energy
  • How emotions are encoded with information (including what kind, and how to access it)
  • The emotional language of intuition
  • The anatomy of trauma and how emotions keep us safe


Lesson 2: "The Truth About Being an Empath" - 17 minutes

  • Why empaths only feel the negative emotions of others, not positive

  • Where other empathic teachers get it wrong

  • My personal story of discovering that my ability to feel wasn’t a weakness or sickness, but a spiritual gift

  • How the act of feeling our feelings can heal the world


Lesson 3: "Why We Feel Too Much" - 30 minutes

  • The 7 ways our empathic ability is hurting us (and all the ways we’re allowing it)

  • The form of emotional resonance you’re unconsciously tuning into

  • How cultural chaos affects empaths

  • Why cycles of personal pain come up repeatedly and are an opportunity to heal

  • Why shielding yourself doesn’t work, and what to do instead


Printable Workbook: Self-Healing Tools and Exercises - 22 pages

  • "Spirit-to-Spirit" - Creating energetic boundaries, calling in spiritual support

  • "Grounding, Centering, Clearing" - Cleansing your energy field, stabilizing your energy

  • "The Golden Bowl" - Creating energetic boundaries, supporting others through crises

  • "Decode and Clear Your Emotions" - Understanding and clearing your emotional pain

  • "Healing Through Feeling" - Intensive self-work for clearing emotional trauma and breaking deep subconscious patterns and blocks

  • "Emotional Release Process" - A printable worksheet 


BONUS: Meditation Track - 20 minutes

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