David Bowie

as channeled by Gia Prism

"If you're not living your life as a work of art, then why are you even living? And what are you living for?"

"If you are a true artist, if you’ve mastered your artistic mechanism and become a master of your craft, your own distinct, individual craft, then you’re working in harmony with all creation, with the heavens and angels and all the gods and goddesses and muses and everything, everything out there that wishes to be born through you.

"Art is a co-creation with the universe. Art is the universe birthing itself in new ways."

"True art is this. Cheap art, art to please the masses, art that’s disconnected from true creation, well, that’s simply a copy of what someone else has already co-created. You can’t expect to be paid for what someone else has created, has already birthed into the world. That’s not how it works. That’s not true creation and it’s not true art. That’s piracy, plain and simple. 

"Just as we are god birthing itself into life, so is art. And we are the gods bringing it to life. Art allows us to become godlike, to get a glimpse into this godlike aspect we all have inside."

"God doesn’t look to the creation of one man and say, 'People seemed to like that. I’ll make 100 more exactly like it.' No. God says, 'That’s interesting. What if I make one more kind of like it, but I change the essential bits, and I’ll add a complication, and I’ll expand on this and eliminate that. There, now what happens?' And on and on it goes. 

"This is the kind of relationship you must have with your art if you want to be a true artist. Because we all have this potential, every one of us. It is our birthright to discover it, and it’s our responsibility, to ourselves and to the whole world."

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"The life of the artist is the most electrifying of all mediums.

Living your life as art is the purest means of expression, far above any limited medium. It is creativity embodied. And that's your job: to become embodied, fully and completely, by the spirit of your art."

-David Bowie as channeled by Gia Prism




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David Bowie as channeled by Gia Prism

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