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Gia Prism is an inter-dimensional channel, connecting to beings and dimensions from beyond this world and bringing their messages down to Earth. She uses her abilities as a psychic medium, trance channel, and healer to bring forward cosmic wisdom from the Great Beyond.

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As a psychic medium and channel, Gia is able to connect with beings in the spirit world and relay their words and wisdom. As a trance medium, Gia merges with the energies of these spirits, capturing their essence to project their voices and mannerisms, radiating their unique energetic imprint, and becoming the living embodiment of their human expression. In this way she is a portal to the Great Beyond, opening the door that separates the two worlds and facilitating a dialogue between the living and the dead.

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Gia is known for her seamless ability to channel messages from a stunning array of mystical beings from the other side, including ascended masters, spirit guides, and cosmic knowledge from realms beyond the third dimensional earth. She is swiftly becoming renowned for her channeling connection to the 20th century's greatest artists and visionaries beyond the veil.

Beyond merely relaying their words, she is able to receive and transmit cosmic energies and streams of divine knowledge and light, weaving them into new doctrines for the rising generation of New Earth pioneers.



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spiritual artistic


Gia has a special passion for working with artists on the leading edge of creativity whose lives and work have the potential to shape the culture and influence the masses. By helping creatives today master their connection to divine inspiration, they become InterDimensional, seeding within their art unique codes of awakening, healing, and transformation.


This is the cornerstone of Gia's work: the InterDimensional collaboration between the realm of spirit and the work of the artist. Her mission is to install the artist as a prophet in the modern world and create an army of InterDimensional Artists working in harmony with the divine, unleashing a spiritual artistic renaissance that will change the world forever.






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