Gia Prism | Psychic. Channel. Rebel Mystic.

Gia's channeled reading is probably one of the single most world-stopping, life-changing, universe-shifting moments I have ever been a part of.

I don’t know where to begin, how to even put into words, what I can say that can even begin to convey the utter amazement, sheer joy, awe, gratitude for this woman and her gifts. Not only did Gia once send me a message from spirit that literally made me do a U-turn and save my marriage from the brink of divorce (papers had been filed and served), yet here she is again a few years down the line, honouring her gifts in the most spectacularly powerful way. ... Her voice, the intonation, the message, the energy hardwired right to my heart. The truth of it resonated so so deeply on so many levels. I must have listened to it like 10 times already and each time I hear something new. It is more than I ever could have imagined receiving. 

Joanne Stevenson - Leeds, England

Artist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

OMG, you absolutely HAVE to try a session with Gia! She completely BLEW. MY. MIND!!

Gia is able to see so much more than what the naked eye can see, no matter what the issue is. She linked things I had never even thought of connecting, creating jaw-dropping, mind-blowing moments in our session! And oh my, Gia gets me. She gets all of me, and it feels so good to be able to just let her do her thing. I don't easily let go and trust when it comes to this kind of work. Working with Gia was different because I felt like I could completely relax and trust her. I felt amazing afterward, like a cloud had been dissolved and a weight had been lifted. I felt like a new person — and most of all, like completely new energy was running through me. Just an amazing feeling of freedom, of renewed freshness, and a sense of purpose to everything.

Annick Ina - Bergamo, Italy

Author, founder of Write and Change Lives

All I can say is WOW!!!! Well, that's not all I'll say, but that was incredible!

What a gift you have. Every word that flowed out of your mouth resonated so deeply with me. I knew from the first thing you said that you were in direct communication with my guides. Not only what you said but how you said it was a deep confirmation for me in so many ways. The message I received from you (aka my guides through you) was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! Upon first listen, tears filled my eyes as I was reminded of who I truly am. Listening to this guidance leaves me feeling lighter and more expansive while more grounded in my Being-ness at the same time. I am deeply moved and tremendously impressed by your gifts and abilities!

Amanda Johnson - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Author, founder of Awaken Village Press

Gia Prism is a pure channel for incredible clarity. I am still reverberating from my session two days ago.

Gia translated the channeled wisdom of David Bowie, Prince, Albert Einstein and more (those are the three who showed up for my session.) I can only say this: I got a game-changing business insight from Prince, I got the nature of space and time from Bowie (because I was asking THOSE sorts of questions), and Einstein, of course, chimed in. If you are ever wanting to step our of your comfort zone, get ready to willingly suspend your disbelief. Bring your questions, bring your playful curiosity, and bring your true heart. Gia is truly in her mastery, and for this, I am grateful.

Lori Ann Lothian - Montreal, Canada

Author, astrologer

I highly recommend Gia with all the comets, meteor showers, and lightning bolts shooting out of the screen. 

First, this is a really positive and light experience. Second, she's whip-smart and fast. She blew my mind as she just nailed it in seconds flat. Next, lady gets it: Where others will help you illuminate something, Gia comes in and cleans up house and you will discover what actually needs to be done and what action can solve the issue. Gia is truly brilliant and hugely gifted. This is a priceless service. One of my super powers is knowing when and what is 'the thing' for those that I sense it for. I don't do it lightly and never as a matter of course. The rare times I call it, it's the real deal. And this is one of those times. This is a golden egg.

Jessica Sunshine Christian - Austin, Texas

Photographer, Brand Consultant, Creator of Awaken Your Brand

It's still sinking in and processing, but OMG ... Gia Prism!! I've had some experiences with healers before, but this was off the charts!

With her beautiful intuitive, psychic, and light-filled way, Gia was also able to tell me about my dad lovingly visiting our session from beyond, along with the hundreds of ancestors from those 9 generations who are now cheering me on to achieve what they were not able to in their lifetimes. I feel like I'm oversimplifying my description, because it was so profound for me. Not to mention the sustained, full-body chills on top of chills I got just after we hung up and I took a breath. Wowzer. I highly recommend Gia and tell everyone about her amazing work!

Kathy Damas - Talent, Oregon

Health Coach

Just a few short months after working with Gia, my 15-year nightmare is over. I stood up to my abuser.

I stood up to the man who belittled me for the last 15 years. And he was too afraid to stand and fight me. I now have sole legal and physical custody of my children. I could not have done this without Gia, without her light and her guidance and her absolute confidence in me and who I am and what I was born to do with this life. I thank her from the bottom of my heart and the center of my soul. I could not have done it without her and her gifts. She has allowed me to be fearless, to be a warrior and win.

Nicole Castillo - Herriman, Utah

Health Coach, Life Coach