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Why Darkness Must Come to Bringers of Light

(Originally Published 2018)

Are you suffering, brave soul? Are you wounded and damaged, crying out for relief and wondering why you find yourself knocked back down into the deepest depths time and time and time again?

I see you, brave soul. I witness your pain. I validate your sorrows. I invite you to cry, to wail and moan. I will listen as you wonder why oh why this is happening to you, and when oh when will it ever end?

And then I will say to you, it is happening to you because this is your purpose on earth: to see the darkness and to feel it and purge it. It will end when you and we and the whole world have no darkness left — when there is nothing left but light.

This is your purpose on this planet. This has only ever been your purpose on this planet in this lifetime, for you are here as a bringer of the light. You are not meant to shine only in bright places, but to bring this light to every shadowy corner, every bottomless pit, every dark and twisted cave.

The reason this hurts you so is because this darkness is within you. It isn't "out there"; it is within your family, your genealogy, your DNA, your past, your soul record, your karma. It is in your home and neighborhoods and city and country and the world. It is in the systems you were born into and are now a part of or trapped in or unconsciously supporting because you did not know there is another way.

It is in the way you have been treated, abused, ignored. The way you are shunned and beaten and mistrusted. The way your brilliance and divinity have been minimized, marginalized, and laughed at. The way you suffered.

Your mission as a soul and bringer of the light is to face this darkness wherever it may be, however it may feel. And in facing it, you invite it to rise. You allow it to stand and be seen in full measure, and although you may cower and crumble and feel terrified and defeated, still you witness it. Still you look it in the eyes. Still you dare to hope for something better — to believe that there must be more to life than this ... to believe that you and we and the world deserve something more ... to believe that in the end, this darkness will not prevail.

And still you rise ever taller, to face it again and again until there is nothing left to face, nothing left to be stared down. Because in the rising of the light, the darkness is outshone. But you must let it come up in full measure, nothing hidden, so it can be exposed and outshone and obliterated forever.

This is all you are ever asked to do in this life, for you are among the warriors ancient cultures have prophesied would come.

We are not here to fight on the battlefield; we are here to bring light to the darkness within. And to do so, we must let this darkness rise ... and we must rise in our radiance ever brighter, ever taller.

This is how the light wins — not by fighting, but by holding itself in equal measure of the dark, shining and brilliant and forever unafraid.


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