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The obstacle is the way

In the early days of the pandemic, like most people around the world, my anxiety was at an all-time high. I turned to Spirit for comfort and guidance and was met with someone I'd never met before. He was a Tibetan Lama who had once tutored one of my favorite spirit friends, David Bowie. The two shared their calming energy with me and then the lama spoke, imparting the following words of wisdom with me:

“You have spent much time and energy trying to remove this obstacle from your life, but perhaps it is not an obstacle. Perhaps it is the way.

"It will not go away by force alone, you know. This is not an impediment to your progress. This is where your mastery begins.

"This is how you learn to walk the path of the master. You must learn to be in the world but not of it, as they say. To witness and accept that which you cannot move, but not to give it power over you, not to create with the energy of your resistance. Which is what you are doing now.

"Release your resistance. Allow yourself to go into this pattern. Sit in its halls and ask it what lessons it brings. Taking an audience with it is not the same as creating with it.

This is the tiger you cannot cage, but instead, learn to live in harmony with its presence.

"It will be a near constant in your life, for such is the nature of the path you chose. Your mind is a powerful instrument, but you are still learning mastery over it. And you must learn mastery over it. The time has come.

"This is your opportunity now. You will sit with this tiger, and instead of recoiling in fear, you will stroke its head, tame it, let it learn to love you. You will become its master. It will bend to your loving will. You cannot tame this beast with ferocity; only the true power of love and the confidence of your eternal safety will secure your success.

"The things you fear will leave you will not leave you. That time has passed. Let a new path unfold. This is not a time for relearning old mistakes; this is a time for walking in mastery. The mastery of your mind, the mastery over fear. You will do this, and you will be successful.

"Sit with the tiger. Let it roar ferociously. But sit in peace.”

-Lama Chime Rinpoche Channeled by Gia Prism

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