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"Gia's channeled reading is probably one of the single most world-stopping, life-changing, universe-shifting moments I have ever been a part of."

"I don’t know where to begin, how to even put into words, what I can say that can even begin to convey the utter amazement, sheer joy, awe, gratitude for this woman and her gifts. Not only did Gia once send me a message from spirit that literally made me do a U-turn and save my marriage from the brink of divorce (papers had been filed and served), yet here she is again a few years down the line, honouring her gifts in the most spectacularly powerful way. ... Her voice, the intonation, the message, the energy hardwired right to my heart. The truth of it resonated so so deeply on so many levels. I must have listened to it like 10 times already and each time I hear something new. It is more than I ever could have imagined receiving."

-Jo Stevenson, Leeds, England
Artist, Kundalini Yoga Instructor

About Gia Prism

Gia Prism is an internationally-known and highly gifted psychic medium, trance channel, and intuitive healer.

Her specialty is being able to see how the pains of your past — and the patterns and traumas you've inherited and picked up along the way — are causing the problems of the present. Gia can reveal your blind spots, show you the truth, heal the pain, and erase the patterns for good, allowing you to unleash your wild genius and achieve your most electric levels of success.

The guidance Gia channels will allow you to see, heal, and integrate your shadows while illuminating the path toward your most empowered, authentic, successful future.


As a psychic medium with all the "clair abilities," Gia has at her fingertips the power to:


  • Connect and communicate with deceased loved ones

  • Channel messages from your angels and guides

  • Intuitively "see" the nature of your problems

  • Connect with and heal your inner child

  • Find and erase hidden traumas

  • Uncover your subconscious patterns and beliefs

  • Clear psychic blocks like cords and curses

  • Tap into the energy of your future possibilities

Using her intuitive abilities, her intimate knowledge of emotional healing, and her own special blend of energy magic, Gia peels back the layers of every block, every fear, and every bit of trapped emotional pain, digging to the very root of your problems — the moment that started it all that’s buried deep in the past but still creeping in the shadows, waiting to be bathed in the light. Then she'll heal it, clear it, and set you free.




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