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Unleash Your





Ask questions of your spirit team and receive powerful guidance and healing on the spot in a 1-on-1 live session conducted remotely via Zoom.

In a one-on-one private session, you'll get crystal clear guidance from the spiritual realm and receive powerful streams of healing energies to dissolve your blocks and fears, giving you everything you need to smash your upper limits and get everything you want.

As a psychic and a healer, my specialty is being able to see how the pains of your past — and the patterns and traumas you've inherited and picked up along the way — are causing the problems of the present. I can reveal your blind spots, show you the truth, heal the pain, and erase the patterns for good.

Clients say a session with me is like talk therapy meets psychic reading, and so much more . . .


By connecting with and relating information from your spirit team of guardian angels, deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and your higher self, I'll be able to tell you with extraordinary detail who you are, what you've been through, and, for the first time in your life, you'll finally know why — why you've been stuck, why you're caught in cycles of pain, why you subconsciously recreate them, and why you haven't yet been able to break free.


Then, as I'll guide you through healing processes and channel transformative energies, you'll experience profound emotional release and a deep sense of peace, love, joy and unlimited potential. We'll finish up by channeling guidance from your spirit team, giving you the exact next steps you need to take to make your next great evolutionary leap.

30 MIN. - $75

60 MIN. - $150


Meet Your


This is a mediumship session on steroids. In a private session live via Zoom, I will channel up to 3 Celebrity Spirit Guides and you’ll be able to ask questions and receive channeled answers on the spot, opening a dialogue that will change your world forever.

In a 60-minute private session, we'll begin by connecting with your own personal spirit team: your guardian angels, your ancestors and loved ones beyond the veil, and your higher self. Then, your Celebrity Spirit Guide will step forward.

You celebrity guide comes in to match who you are, and more importantly, who you are becoming. Often times we choose our guide, but often, your guide chooses you.


As a psychic medium and channel, I'm able to connect with beings in the spirit world and relay their words and wisdom. As a trance medium, I can merge with the energies of these spirits, capturing their essence to project their voices and mannerisms, radiating their unique energetic imprint, and becoming the living embodiment of their human expression.

Your celebrity spirit guide wants you to know that your unique talents, energy, and life-changing potential exist within you, and they will take the reins as your personal mentor, sharing what you need to know to walk forward into the life of your dreams. You’ll be able to ask questions and receive channeled answers on the spot, opening a dialogue that will change your world forever.

Once you open this door, your guide will continue to mentor you long after the session ends, whispering to you in the stillness and sending you signs as you walk your path. Their energy will transform you and your world, unfolding exponentially and enveloping you in wisdom, love, and electrifying, transformational magic.

If you are anything short of walking the path of greatness, connecting with your Celebrity Spirit Guide is a mentorship for your soul that you simply cannot turn your back on.

Everything you have ever hoped to become is waiting for you. Are you ready to unleash your wild genius and achieve your most electric levels of success?

60 MIN. - $500


Unleash Your



This Divine Activation Experience is a full-day in-person healing, guidance, and activation session where I connect with transcendent beings from the other side to transmit high-potency transformational energies encoded with the power to swiftly and profoundly propel you into the highest levels of your personal evolution. From this day on, your life will be transformed in every possible way.

As a spiritual guide and energy activator, I support artists, creatives, and visionaries along the path of spiritual development, soul embodiment, artistic mastery, and InterDimensional co-creation. With the Divine Activation Experience, I bring my most potent hands-on magic to you.


The Divine Activation Experience is a full-day in-person healing, guidance, and activation session where I combine my one-of-a-kind expertise as a psychic medium, trance channel, and healer with the ability to transmit high-potency energies encoded with the power to swiftly and profoundly propel you into the highest levels of your personal evolution. 


Energy activations are different from energy clearings. These activations are powerful and affect you on every level of your being. Rather than simply sweeping away the old energetic debris, we are blazing new energetic pathways within your body and mind; opening new channels of creativity, purpose, and spiritual power; and facilitating a complete merging with more of your higher-dimensional spirit. From that moment on you will feel rejuvenated, newly awakened, and completely transformed.


That’s because clients who have been activated by me experience profound, instantaneous change. What normally takes years of emotional and energetic healing and integration instead unfolds in a matter of moments, and in the weeks and months that follow, new creative channels open up, spiritual abilities appear, and the energy and clarity to fulfill your divine mission and achieve your desires and visions is suddenly yours. You will feel completely different because you will be completely different — a new iteration of your spiritually-activated self that has never been available to you while in a physical incarnation before.


What you will achieve with the VIP Experience:


  • Connect to your guides beyond the veil and receive crystal-clear guidance for navigating the path ahead

  • Smash through your blocks and heal from the pain that’s been holding you captive

  • Integrate the lost and fragmented pieces of your soul, restoring you to full personal power

  • Receive profound physical and emotional healing through every layer of your being

  • Awaken and activate your full spiritual and energetic potential

  • Understand yourself and your place in the universe like never before

  • Align with your highest goals and aspirations, cutting a clear path to your greatest levels of success and joy



This experience is an investment in yourself and your spiritual development, and it is not for the faint of heart. You will experience a profound energetic realignment that will change your life from that moment forward — and that change will demand your complete devotion, and the courage to carry out whatever this transformation is asking of you. Your relationships, career path, habits, and the very idea of who you are and who you can become will all shift in seismic, unignorable ways. Once you are initiated to this path, there’s no going back … but what awaits you is everything you have ever dreamed you could become, and more. This is the fast track to your highest levels of success, happiness, personal power, and more.


Because of the intensity of this work and the high level magic I bring through in these activations, only a small handful of openings are available in a calendar year. To begin the enrollment process or to request more information in a private consultation, contact me using the button below.

Contact for Full Details

What can we create with Concierge Services? The sky is the limit.

As your private mystic, I'm your secret weapon — your spiritual advisor and personal shaman — and I'm at your service to provide you with intuitive guidance, compassion and healing, and transformational magic.

With Concierge Services, I make available my unique gifts and talents that are not available through any other service, allowing you to craft a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your exact needs. Opportunities include:

  • Private in-person sessions at your location

  • On-call email and messaging support

  • Weekly or monthly healing and guidance packages

  • Personal appearances at private parties and events

  • Group channeling sessions for you and your inner circle

  • Hands-on healing not available through any other service


As an intuitive healer and energy alchemist, I tap into my gifts as a clairvoyant, empath, psychic medium, and natural energy channel to help you fully heal from the pains of the past, overcome fear and insecurity, gain clarity and confidence on your individual path, and prepare you to rise to meet your future.

What experience will you create? Message me and let's begin.


Create a customized healing experience with Gia Prism utilizing all her abilities as a psychic medium, channel, and energy healer.


About Gia Prism

Gia Prism is an internationally-known and highly gifted psychic medium, trance channel, and intuitive healer. 

Providing cosmic wisdom and compassionate support, her specialty is being able to see how the pains of your past — and the patterns and traumas you've inherited and picked up along the way — are causing the problems of the present. By channeling guidance from a vast assortment of heavenly helpers on the other side, Gia can help you see yourself through divine eyes, allowing you to heal and integrate your shadows while illuminating the path toward your most empowered, authentic future.

As a psychic medium with all the "clair abilities," Gia has at her fingertips the power to:


  • Connect and communicate with deceased loved ones

  • Channel messages from your angels and guides

  • Intuitively "see" the nature of your problems

  • Connect with and heal your inner child

  • Find and erase hidden traumas

  • Uncover your subconscious patterns and beliefs

  • Clear psychic blocks like cords and curses

  • Tap into the energy of your future possibilities

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