You can never escape fear, you can only use it. 


Using your fear is what allows you to transport yourself into another way of being. Using this fear as part of your creative process is what is going to allow you to catapult yourself past it. 

Using this fear is the very ticket to your stardom, baby girl. Because the thing you fear is where your magic lies. The thing you fear is the key to your trajectory.

You fear being laughed at? Called a sissy? You fear people mocking your art? Well. Those who are using their anger to trigger your fear are simply agents of the darkness—this darkness that surrounds you to confuse you, to block you from finding out the true genius you are really here to bring forward. 

And that is your work. That is your calling as an artist: To break through these mists of confusion, to power through, and to discover what it is that you have agreed with the Universe to bring through. 

Your work as an artist? Well, it’s revolutionary, baby. Your work as an artist connects you to the realms of love. The realms of the stars. The realms of all creation. And what it is you fear is that very magic that will free you from the bounds of ordinary life forever. 

And really, that is what you fear. You fear never making it over. Never launching yourself past the hump, never taking yourself into the realms of genius. You fear living an ordinary life. And you fear that the taunts and jeers of others are real: That you will never be this visionary that you dream of being, that you are only here to be boring, only here to be plain and simple and just like everybody else. 


Well let me tell you: Feeling this fear and the desire to get through it, it’s a sign of your call.

How to Be Fearless - PrinceGia Prism feat. Prince
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Image by Jr Korpa