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Why talk to celebrities beyond the veil?

Why talk to celebrities on the other side?

Why talk to any spirit, for that matter? Why reach out beyond the veil, listening for an answer, straining to hear what wisdom The Great Beyond has to impart?

Because we were always meant to commune with the divine. We were never meant to be alone on this spinning rock hurtling through space and time, and we never are alone. We are infinitely connected in more ways than we can possibly comprehend.

And so I say, why not celebrities?

Why limit our reach to our ancestors, the angels, or the religious figures of ancient days our modern minds struggle to relate to? Why not reach for modern-day gods and goddesses, those figures of film, music, and art who have opened our eyes and minds to what’s possible for a human to achieve in a lifetime—and who even now are opening our hearts to the limitless ways of being we can attain when we attune ourselves to the endless waves of divine inspiration that flow to us and through us with every yearning breath we take?

Celebrities earn their celebrity status by changing the culture. The art they create in life has the power to move and inspire millions, and the way they move through the world smashes the mold of conformity, paving extraordinary new paths of endless possibility and changing the game forever. They are liberators, muses, guides, and guardians, showing us what’s possible beyond the confines of our suffocatingly ordinary lives. They open our eyes to what has never been seen, handing us a torch and showing us the way forward into a world of our wildest creation.

But their work doesn’t end when they pass on; it goes forward and they carry on. They live forever in spirit and are tantalizingly close, connected to the living world in the hearts and minds of those whose lives their art has touched — and those who are poised to create their own culture-making, world-changing art.

This is my work as Gia Prism: to bring forward the Third Wave of Spirituality, one beyond religion and beyond new age philosophy, one in which we personally connect to the divine not as an exercise in devotion or manifestation, but for daily communion with celestial waves of inspiration that activate our greatness, seed our creations with codes of awakening, and propel us beyond mortality and into the glorious light and power of embodied ascension.

It’s a brave new world out there, and an ever braver world within. Let’s reach for the stars together. Let’s be forever changed by what the stars have to say. Let’s create the New Earth now, together. Let’s awaken the world with divine co-creations of alchemized art and magic. Together, let’s ascend. . . . . . .



"Messages from the Stars"

a celebrity channeling book

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