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Guardians of Earth: "It's time to cleanup the timelines"

Channeled message delivered January 22, 2023

The conditions on earth have always been such that each individual creates their own personal timeline, weaving together with other individuals much larger, collective timelines. But these conditions are changing.

It has been prophesied for millennia that there would come a day when the Earth would be returned to paradise: a place where the environment is healed, the people are free, and all that dwell upon the Earth will live together in harmony and joy.

That day IS coming. It is almost here.
But first, we have to clean up the timelines.

Earth is a planet of contrast, of duality. It is a place where souls come to learn through this contrast and grow through their experiences, however painful or joyful, and to balance the karma they accrue over repeated lifetimes in this Earth school. The imprints of these lives are not only left on the soul, but on the Earth herself and thus, the timelines.

When a soul incarnates here, they do not exist in an isolated bubble. They become part of a complex system where the energetic residue of all that has happened here can and will shape them, affect them, damage them, and more. We cannot help but be influenced in every aspect of our lives by all that has come before, and in the same manner, we cannot help but influence all else who exist here now and in the future.

And so although this future paradise is coming, it will not appear magically at a certain moment in time; it is coming as a result of the work we are doing — and have been doing — to repair the timelines.

In this context, timelines can be thought of as vast co-creations of humanity that affect the population at large. They consist of countless individual timelines woven together to create a common ethos.

Looking back through history, it’s easy to see the timelines of various eras, and it’s also easy to see those moments when things seem to suddenly shift: The Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, and what many refer to as the dawn of the Age of Aquarius in the 1960’s. History will look back on what is transpiring now and refer to it as the greatest shift humanity has ever undertaken.

That’s because this isn’t simply a cultural shift; it is a shift in consciousness, a great evolutionary leap upward in which humanity will rise like never before, together.

The opportunity is being extended to everyone … but not everyone will choose to make the leap. Those who are willing to forgive will rise. Those who are willing to care for the earth will ascend. Those who are willing to let love, patience, and generosity rule the day will move ahead. But those who remain angry, selfish, closed off, fearful, and unwilling to change will remain.

Please banish from your mind any thoughts of being “left behind” in a biblical sense; this timeline bifurcation is not about punishing the wicked or bringing heavenly destruction upon a suffering populace. Rather, this is about choice. It is about making a leap of faith. It is about being willing to believe that better days lie ahead, and being willing to turn away from everything that is fearful and dark. It is about separating yourself from the lower, denser timelines and allowing yourself to flow with the highest possible timeline. It is about letting those who continue to choose darkness over light experience the consequences of their choices, without letting them affect the whole. It is about letting them go completely.

What you fear might come to pass will only come to pass if you pay more attention to that which you fear above what you hope for. Put more simply, it will only come to pass if you focus on it. You may focus on fear, or focus on hope. By focusing on it, you magnetize yourself to that timeline. This is the only choice that is ever being asked of you.

Remember this: There is always and forever a higher path available to you. It is yours if you believe it exists. When you choose that belief wholeheartedly, the way makes itself known to you. And then you can do the work to receive it.

Now, back to the work of cleaning up the timelines. It consists of bringing awareness to where we’ve been damaged by them and are still living according to their mandates. It requires an ability and willingness to see the truth, however brutal; to do the work to heal, however painful; and to change ourselves and the world around us, no matter what it takes.

The time for this work has almost come to an end. Those engaged in their personal healing have been doing this work, as have those who’ve been fighting much larger battles such as environmental collapse, racial injustice, human trafficking, economic oppression, gender-based repression and misogyny, and more. Awareness has been brought to the world stage so that all may do their part to witness the true and brutal conditions humanity has struggled to survive. This awareness has been necessary as a means to alert each soul to the work that must be done, both personally to heal their inner wounds and publicly to bring an end to such atrocities. Becoming aware and doing the work is what allows you to detach from lower timelines and make your way to the highest possible timeline, where these issues will not exist in the coming era of peace on Earth.

The joyous news we wish to share with you now is this: You need not wait until all is abolished before the new paradise comes into being. It is ready for you now. Soon it will be time to experience it. But each must now make that leap of faith — to believe that it exists and to choose it within their heart so they may walk over the bridge into the New Earth.
We are the collective guardians of the Earth, and we have delivered this message on faith that it will be received in the hearts of those who are ready to hear. Blessed be the ones who heed it.

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