Time to be seen

I woke up to hate speech filling my inbox. A lovely way to kick off a Sunday.

When I first began channeling the famously dead 2 years ago, I kept the whole thing extremely hush-hush. I knew how this looked to the outside world: Crazy. Delusional. Despicable. Having already faced so much traumatic rejection I didn’t know if I could take anymore. So outside of a very few trusted friends, I didn’t show anyone. I kept it to myself.

But I didn’t let that be the end of it. I did the inner work to heal my fears of being rejected, vilified, tormented. I kept pushing on.

In 2019 I filmed a series of “experimental” trance channeling videos in my living room using my laptop & a Zoom connection. I quietly placed them on YouTube but didn’t tell anyone. Over the years a few people have found their way to them, but largely the videos have all been ignored. A few of the videos have gotten more thumbs down than up, & I’m not gonna lie, it hurt. More than it probably should.

Eventually I just became embarrassed by the poor quality (& by my appearance—good lord, what AM I wearing??) so I made them all but invisible. But I kept doing my inner work, & finally decided to hell with it. The videos themselves may not be that great, but the channeling work is. I’m proud of it. I stand by it.

Last night I re-uploaded the videos with new intros, again without fanfare. This morning I woke to more views than I’ve ever had & a flurry of nasty comments telling me that I’m a fraud, that I should be ashamed of myself, that I’m a horrible human being.

But it didn’t bother me. And that’s why we do the work.

I’m not naive enough to think I can #mindset my way into being universally adored; that’s not realistic for anyone, as this world is full of contrast by design. Contrast creates challenge, which creates our greatest opportunities to grow. And I know more than anyone how much people hate & vilify psychics and those with spiritual gifts. Much of my inner work over the years has included remembering & processing past lives in which I was tortured & killed for using my mystical gifts.

But the point of this life isn’t to sneak on by hoping nobody takes notice; the point is to be here in all your wild glory. To break the mold. To make change. To BE the change. To create a new world.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

I’m going to be seen. I’m going to be heard. I’m going to fight for a world where the weirdos and rebels and mystics and freaks don’t have to fear for their lives and their sanity—where they don’t have to fight to be loved. I’ll begin by creating a safe space for us all, right here. I hope to see more of you here.

The people I channel, that’s who they were. By and large, they weren’t like everyone else. They were weird. Strange. Unusual. Completely misunderstood—at first. But they didn’t stop. They let their freak flag fly. They created art that took the world by storm. And they changed the game for everyone.

I can’t help it that I talk to the dead, and I can’t help it that the dead talk to me. (And I’ve tried—oh, believe me, how I’ve tried.) So I’m leaning in hard. And I don’t care if you hate me. I’m on a mission, and I’ll never be stopped again.

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