The Women who changed the world

I call them Grid Busters: the fearless among us who infiltrate systems and dismantle them from the inside out.

All systems in this world operate on energetic grids. These grids aren’t visible to the naked eye, but they are felt, and they are obeyed. There are certain “rules” embedded within these grids — rules that say who can come to the party, who can play the game, who can win it all. Grids in and of themselves are not all harmful, but far too many of them that exist in the modern world are dangerous, oppressive, even deadly. Grids like patriarchy and totalitarian government, all the way down through the entertainment industries, school systems, communities, families, and the grids that exist within your own minds that try to tell what is possible for you, what you can and cannot aspire to, what you can and cannot achieve.

The spirits I work with on the other side, that’s one thing they all have in common: They were Grid Busters. They broke the mold, and they changed the game for everyone.

Call me biased, but my favorite among them are the women. Fearless, bold, beautiful, dangerous, they lived inside the corrupt systems that sought to abuse and take advantage of their gifts. Some barely survived; others did not. But their legacy lives on, and many of the very freedoms we enjoy as women are because of their sacrifices — but more than that, because of their ferocity. Because they fought. Because they pushed back. Because they pushed forward. Because they lived.

What better time than now, on International Women’s Day, to introduce some of my favorite Grid Busters and how they changed the game forever. But more than the example of their lives and their legacies, I am sharing their words beyond the veil — their most impassioned manifestos from the other side, where all things are possible and all perspectives are seen.

May their words ignite your spark and fan the flames within you … to go forward, free. To create, unafraid. To tear down the grids you exist within and set yourself and the world on fire.

The Grid Busters, as channeled by Gia Prism:

Frida Kahlo

“My darling, you are fire! You are passion! And I want you to never worry about what you’re going to bring through for the others who are going to see you. Because it doesn’t ever matter what they think about you; it only matters what you think about you. Do you feel fire in your belly? Do you feel the light of God in your face? Don’t worry about what they think of you! Laugh. Dance. Be the fire.”

Judy Garland

"When I talk about self-confidence, this is what I’m talking about. Not simply holding your head high, but filling the space of you, and using the space of you to create whatever it is that you want to create. You, your soul, is wise and infinite. Your soul is powerful, POWERFUL, and don’t let them take that power from you and use it for their own purposes."

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Nina Simone

"When you do this," — live like you're a star today — "your new opportunities will shine through. New chances and experiences you can't fathom now, because they're not what you're looking for. But when you embody all that you've achieved in all your lifetimes, you magnetize potentials that were never possible before. It's a conglomeration, you see? You're building off of your lifetimes, and we're all building off of all our lifetimes, and the entire world grows and expands far beyond comprehension."

Marilyn Monroe

"If I had it to do over again, I would most certainly, first and foremost, make peace with who I am, because I have the belief that who I am is not enough. I think we all do. I think being human forces us to look at our qualities that, well, maybe aren’t the brightest, maybe aren’t the prettiest; maybe someone, we fear, isn’t going to love that part of ourselves. But the truth is, the only person we ever needed to love us was us. If I had loved myself — really loved all of myself — things would have ended much differently for me."

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Elizabeth Taylor

"Yes, you ARE beautiful, darling. You must embrace this fact. You must USE this far more than you already have. In fact, you've really let yourself go lately, darling. Oh, I'm not trying to be harsh; it's just that, well, that's how my mother was with me, and I appreciate it now. I needed to hear the cold, hard facts. Especially because my beauty is what opened all my doors. All of them. So use it, dear, and use it well. You can thank me for it later."


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