It All Began With Bowie

I have long considered David Bowie to be my own personal patron saint: the god of creative expression, identity, and stone-cold, IDGAF badassery. Throughout the years, whenever I've felt like making a massive change in my life, I have always asked myself:

What Would Bowie Do?

Imagine my surprise when one day, David Bowie finally answered back.

“If you’re not living your life as a work of art, then why are you even living? And what are you living for?”

These are the first words he spoke to me, his voice clear as day in my head, the power and energy reverberating through my body and sending powerful shockwaves through my soul.

This wasn't the first time Spirit whispered in my ear. I was born with a number of psychic abilities, and at the time this event occurred, I'd been working professionally as a psychic medium and energy healer for several years. I'd even been expanding my abilities as an intuitive channel for much of that year, so it wasn't a total surprise to hear a disembodied voice speaking words of wisdom with the power to change my life.

It was, however, the first time I'd spoken to a dead rock star — someone I'd idolized since I was a child and whom I mourned greatly when he passed.

And then the next day, it happened again . . .

I was at a vintage shop absentmindedly flipping through the racks when I heard Bowie say to me:

"No, darling. Your life is your art. And you're not using your own canvas."

And so began a profound and utterly world-changing mentorship with David Bowie beyond the veil.

In the weeks that followed these first encounters, I went to Bowie almost daily, at first speaking with him on the inner planes as I do with all deceased spirits who show up in session, and then later opening up my channel to allow him to communicate through me.

Each time the communication became stronger and the messages more profound, and each time, I was truly astounded by the wisdom, power, and love that pours through when Bowie steps in — not to mention the ferocity and playfulness he brings in his energy, not-so-subtly jolting me out of my complacency and showing me the humor and triviality in my fears … especially my fears of going public with “this whole Bowie thing,” as I’d called it when I confided in only my most trusted friends.

But in the end, no amount of feet-dragging or stage fright or even my personal obligations in other areas of my life could keep this work sidelined; when Bowie was ready, the work pushed forward, each time with new dimension and even more potency than what came before.

And I am forever changed because of it, and because of the loving mentorship of David Bowie.

It was Bowie who taught me that yes, I am a channel, not just a healer and a medium, and that I have the ability to bring through anyone I wish — we all do. (“But you haven’t arrived,” as he told me when I finally accepted and embraced this fact. “This is only your first act. This is just the beginning.”)

It was Bowie who taught me the power in persona, and it is he who offered the moniker of Gia Prism. (And when I asked him if exploring persona will help me in my personal life, not just my professional work, he said, “Well, of course, I can’t tell you that. I simply don’t know. But I can tell you that it will liberate you in every possible way.”) And so, as Gia Prism and under Bowie’s guidance, I set to work creating the platform and container for the work I now do, collaborating with creatives and visionaries beyond the veil and channeling their cosmic wisdom and transformational energies into living works of art.

Above all, it was Bowie who taught me that I am an artist — we all are. And that art is will not only save me from the banality of a life lived purely through a singular human perspective, a life lived for the next dollar and the next cheap thrill, a live lived woefully in the past or too far ahead in the panicked future instead of in the powerful potency of now … but that art is what will save us all, every one of us, the whole world together.