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Bowie on the pandemic: "Everything is perfect. Painful? Yeah, but perfect."

Turns out, Bowie saw this whole thing coming. The coronavirus, the chaos, the opportunities within it. He spoke about it in a private session held early February of this year, and he had a LOT to say.

Spoiler alert: It’s all good. Or it will be, because this is not an unmitigated disaster, it’s an unfolding of a grand celestial plan.

Keep reading for an excerpt, or download the entire channeling in an encoded eBook below...


The whole of the world seems to be going into an incredible birth canal. It’s like a whole feeling that we are in a crossing or in a transition that’s pretty perilous. And I’m just really curious what your take is on the state of the earth’s journey right now.

David Bowie:

“Birth canal,” perfect metaphor. We’re there. We are ready. And the world is going to be waking up in shocking and painful ways, as it is for everyone who has to rewrite the story of their world and who they are.

And so my perspective on it is, everything is going to work out. Everything is perfect. Painful? Yeah. But perfect.

Because the world is hurting. It’s been suffering for so, so long. And you know, it’s so interesting that so many people resonate with my work in the ‘70s, because talk about a time when the world was in pain. The pain post-awakening is so unexpected. So many lightworkers and so many different people who awaken, they expect, “I'm here! I’ve done it! Hallelujah! The heavens have parted!” But then we go through this period of unexpected darkness where we don’t know heads or tails, we don’t know our head from a hole in the ground, and we are trying desperately to find our edges, find how we now navigate in a post-awakened world.

And so that’s why I’m back, why so many people like me are back, and why so many people like you are stepping forward — because you’ve learned to navigate pre-awakening, during the awakening, post-awakening, and you are here as a midwife, if you will, for those who are now coming out into the open. What you as early first-wavers are doing, you have learned to master your connection to spirit so that as the world is awakening to the fact that there is more than just the human side, they are seeing their loved ones, their neighbors, their friend of a friend who’s already awoken, who’s already done the dance with spirit, who’s already communed with the divine. They’re looking for you.

So now I’m back through so many channels and so many artists’ ears, because the work we’re doing now to awaken the world is not simply an earthbound role. This is, as I have told Gia, and as she calls the work we’re doing together, it’s an inter-dimensional collaboration.

And this will be the phase that humanity is moving into.

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