Becoming Gia Prism

The official bio of Gia Prism

Gia, née Lindsay Thacker Maxfield, was born with an intimate connection to the unseen world. It wasn’t long, however, before this connection to things she could feel but could not understand became overwhelming. From a young age she battled depression and anxiety, ultimately suffering a nervous breakdown in her early 20s before being given a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. After years of psychiatric treatment from doctors who told her she’d never have a “normal” life, Lindsay finally had enough. She rejected her diagnosis and vowed instead to make peace with who she was, determined to find a better way.

Lindsay began to explore holistic living through her career as a journalist and the managing editor of the health and wellness section of KSL, an NBC News affiliate, where her pieces on health and happiness received more than 3 million page views combined. After the birth of her first child, Lindsay left her career in journalism to focus on family. After giving birth to identical twins 3 years later, she turned to nutrition to heal her body from the rigors of twin pregnancy and childbirth, eventually founding the whole-foods website Healthy Little Changes. It was this foundation in holistic healing that paved the way for the profound spiritual awakening that was just around the corner.


In 2012, Lindsay had her first experience with energy healing, and she knew she would never be the same. She became obsessively driven to know more, turning away from a lifetime of religious indoctrination to immerse herself in the world of esoteric spirituality. And she was right: This path led her to discover the singular truth that changed her life forever. Her ability to “feel too much” was not a curse, nor was she broken or mentally ill; she was spiritually gifted. Her ability to feel the pain of the world meant that she was a healer — and it was just the beginning.

With this realization, Lindsay was reborn. Devoted to her new path of spirituality, she began to develop her gifts as a healer, learning from emerging leaders in the field including Cyndi Dale, Deborah King, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Caroline Myss, and Donna Eden. She certified as an Emotion Code Practitioner under Dr. Bradley Nelson and served on his staff for 2 years before going solo as an intuitive healer, working with private clients in more than a dozen countries around the world.


It didn’t take long for Lindsay’s life to take yet another unexpected turn. After just a few months of private practice, something extraordinary happened: As she guided her clients through the process of healing themselves and their lineage — a process she was simultaneously engaged in for herself and her own family line — the spirits of deceased ancestors began appearing to her, opening the door to the spirit world and deepening her connection in ways she could never have imagined. Again, Lindsay dove head first into this emerging ability, honing her gifts with clients in private practice while learning from established experts in mediumship such as Gordon Smith, John Edwards, and “The Happy Medium” Kim Russo. But it was her own personal exploration that took her the distance from apprentice to a full-fledged medium, channel, and oracle.

While serving others in her private practice and continuing to master her gifts, all while living her life as a wife and mother of 3 young children, Lindsay remained devoted to her personal healing work and daily spiritual practices. The combination of these life experiences allowed her to expand her abilities exponentially while simultaneously healing buried trauma from this life and even many before: Past-life memories began to emerge, painting a picture of Lindsay’s countless lifetimes as a healer, a mystic, a priestess, a seer — many of which met gruesome ends at the hands of those who were hostile to people with supernatural abilities, intent on extinguishing their light.

After facing these horrors and healing from them one by one, at long last Lindsay was ready. It was time to expand once again, this time with no fear of an untimely death. She was ready to show the world what she could do — and who she could become.


As Lindsay continued her spiritual and psychic development, she honed her “clair” abilities and learned to seamlessly receive, interpret, and relay information from beings in spirit. It wasn’t long before the “interpretation process,” however, began to feel too slow. She decided to try her hand at channeling — and it was an instant, resounding success. Despite the earlier ease with which her abilities appeared over the years, nothing felt as easy and seamless as channeling, becoming a vessel for spirit to speak through her as she relayed cosmic wisdom and transformational healing energies. At long last she felt truly complete.

What’s more, Lindsay discovered that trance channeling allowed her to play host to an extraordinary cast of spiritual characters, from Jesus and Mary Magdalene to her own personal spirit guides to beings a little closer to home. It was at this point that she began to question her work as a healer, wondering how best to use her abilities not only in service of individual clients, but to aid her in creating a wild new life for herself.

And that’s when David Bowie stepped in.

“If you’re not living your life as a work of art,” he told her, “then why are you even living? And what are you living for?”

The words and energy of this first encounter ignited something new in Lindsay, initiating a mentorship beyond the veil that would shape her entire future. As she continued to speak with and learn from the icon — her own personal Patron Saint of Creativity and God of Not-Quite-Earthlings the world over — Bowie introduced her to a stunning array of artists, creatives, and visionaries on the other side who came through to share their stories, wisdom, and energies, bequeathing a doctrine of InterDimensional collaboration and unleashing a spiritual artistic renaissance with the power to change the world.


It was through this mentorship that Lindsay received and took on the name of Gia Prism: Gia meaning light of God, and Prism meaning a translucent crystal with the ability to disperse and refract light into the full color spectrum. As a vessel for spirit, she would take their light and turn it to encoded art — words, music, and more embedded with high-potency energies that not only contain the essence of the channeled spirit, they are coded to heal, awaken, empower, and completely transform the listener, catapulting their awareness beyond the world of form and into the multi-dimensional realms.

This is the cornerstone of Gia's work: the InterDimensional collaboration between the realm of spirit and the work of the artist. Her mission is to install the artist as a prophet in the modern world and create an army of InterDimensional Artists working in harmony with the divine, unleashing a spiritual artistic renaissance that will change the world forever.


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