from the stars

Wisdom from the world's greatest legends and visionaries

from beyond the veil as channeled by Gia Prism


"If you're not living your life as a work of art, then why are you even living? And what are you living for?"


"I’m back to bring you a message about reaching into the ethers for your highest inspiration and bringing down a new creation."


"When you live your life on stage and the only way you know how to be is through performance, what do you do with the half of you that doesn’t want to be seen?"


"The machine will spit you out. It doesn't care. Doesn't give a damn about you, or your dreams or your starry-eyed hopes."


"So many great artists are ‘gone too soon,’ we say. ... But their death is as much a part of their mission as their life. "

elvis presley

"I wish I'd shared the spotlight. Yeah, I wish I'd given a bit more credit to where my inspiration came from."


"Using your fear is what allows you to transport yourself into another way of being. Using this fear as part of your creative process is what is going to allow you to catapult yourself past it."


"Pain is just the dark side of love. It's you feeling the lack of love instead of the fullness of love. Not because it's gone, for love is never gone. It's just out of focus."

Gregory Hines

"Movement is joy. If you ain't movin', you ain't livin'. The only life worth living is one on the move."

miles davis

"Jazz came to earth in energetic waves, encoded as vibrations of speed and spirit in pulsating possibilities beyond what the ear can hear."


"This is your destiny as an artist, a creator: To be torn apart and left to piece yourself together. Left with nothing but a glimmer of desire and a whisper of that which awaits you."


"The world ain't nothin'. The world and its rules, nothin'. It's what you make of it. You make it whatever you want it to be."

Mac Miller

"The music world, man, they say they want you healthy, but you know what? They don't care either way. So long as you makin' it."

Albert Einstein

"It's all a simulation, you see. And you are the one who creates the experiments. You think there is someone out there creating, but it is you!"


"My beauty is what opened all my doors — ALL of them. So use your beauty, dear, and use it well. You can thank me for it later."


"There is so much raw, passionate magic in you if you're willing to leave your wound open. That's what it's there for."


"I'm not here to talk about the fairies and the angels or any of it. I talk about life. I say things people don't want to hear. It's just the way it is."


"You are all of us. We are all of you. It's too much to understand, so don't understand it. Feel it and let it be enough."





Yeah, but




A vision for a post-pandemic world

David Bowie as channeled by Gia Prism

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Why Celebrities?

Why talk to celebrities on the other side? Why talk to any spirit, for that matter? Why reach out beyond the veil, listening for an answer, straining to hear what wisdom The Great Beyond has to impart?

Because we were always meant to commune with the divine. We were never meant to be alone on this spinning rock hurtling through space and time, and we never are alone. We are infinitely connected in more ways than we can possibly comprehend.


And so I say, why not celebrities?


Why limit our reach to our ancestors, the angels, or the religious figures of ancient days our modern minds struggle to relate to? Why not reach for modern-day gods and goddesses, those figures of film, music, and art who have opened our eyes and minds to what’s possible for a human to achieve in a lifetime—and who even now are opening our hearts to the limitless ways of being we can attain when we attune ourselves to the endless waves of divine inspiration that flow to us and through us with every yearning breath we take?

Celebrities earn their celebrity status by changing the culture. The art they create in life has the power to move and inspire millions, and the way they move through the world smashes the mold of conformity, paving extraordinary new paths of endless possibility and changing the game forever. They are liberators, muses, guides, and guardians, showing us what’s possible beyond the confines of our suffocatingly ordinary lives. They open our eyes to what has never been seen, handing us a torch and showing us the way forward into a world of our wildest creation.


But their work doesn’t end when they pass on; it goes forward and they carry on. They live forever in spirit and are tantalizingly close, connected to the living world in the hearts and minds of those whose lives their art has touched — and those who are poised to create their own culture-making, world-changing art.


This is my work as Gia Prism: to bring forward the Third Wave of Spirituality, one beyond religion and beyond new age philosophy, one in which we personally connect to the divine not as an exercise in devotion or manifestation, but for daily communion with celestial waves of inspiration that activate our greatness, seed our creations with codes of awakening, and propel us beyond mortality and into the glorious light and power of embodied ascension.


It’s a brave new world out there, and an ever braver world within. Let’s reach for the stars together. Let’s be forever changed by what the stars have to say. Let’s awaken the world with divine co-creations of alchemized art and magic. Together, let’s ascend. . . . . . . 






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