Artistic Mastery

An intensive 1-on-1 HEALING and MENTORSHIP program

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Artistic Mastery is

a 10-week intensive designed to help artists, creatives, and visionaries break through blocks and fears, heal old patterns and traumas, take control of your creative energy, troubleshoot the pitfalls of artistic and entrepreneurial life, master your connection to your source of divine inspiration, and activate your highest levels of success.

Who this program is for

The ideal candidates for the Artistic Mastery Mentorship are:

  • Musicians, actors, singers, and performing artists who place themselves on the world’s stage or have a burning desire to get there.

  • Writers, photographers, producers, filmmakers, and other creatives whose work has the potential to influence the masses.

  • Ambitious, pioneering, rule-breaking creators and visionaries with a dream to share their passion with the world and the skills to get them there.

This work is for you if:

  • You believe in your soul that you are destined for greatness. You are on the path, but you want more than what's been available to you. You want new kind of possibility, a new level of success.

  • You are spiritual in nature and acknowledge the mysterious and mystical in the world around you. You believe in something MORE and you are open to exploring all that lies beyond our physical reality.

  • You have been highly successful in your art, but it feels like there’s an upper limit you can’t seem to break — your own impenetrable glass ceiling.

  • You struggle with the mental and emotional challenges of being an artist and are open to deeper levels of healing and another way of living.

  • You are willing and ready to be completely honest, vulnerable, and transparent about yourself and are willing to do the work to solve your problems and walk a new path.

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benefits of

This program was designed specifically to walk you through a step-by-step process of healing, embodiment, creative mastery, and achievement through a variety of 1-on-1 guidance, healing, channeling, and activation sessions. With this mentorship program, you will be able to:

  • Receive intuitive guidance for your art and your life

  • Develop a deeper and more profound spiritual connection

  • Heal from the pain of the past

  • Achieve greater levels of artistic mastery

  • Receive support for the struggles inherent to being an artist

  • Achieve alignment with your vision

  • Discover the profound impact you can make on the world

  • Create the blueprint for success beyond your wildest dreams

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 Artistic Mastery 


1.) VISION: What do you hope to achieve in life, and does your creative vision actually allow you to fulfill those desires? We look at where you've been and where you want to go so that we can lay a solid foundation for the weeks ahead.


2.) ALIGNMENT: Are you truly in alignment with your desires? Or are you accidentally running in the wrong direction? Here we begin the energy work to discover and clear all the subconscious blocks that have been stopping you from fulfilling your vision.


3.) MANAGING YOUR CHANNEL: How do you receive and act on creative inspiration? How is your energy flow? We assess the health of your channel and continue the energy work to clear blockages, and we receive guidance from your spirit team on how to manage and optimize your creative flow.


4.) ELIMINATING INTERFERENCE: What has been stopping you from achieving greatness? As artists and channels, we are particularly susceptible to destructive interference from outside energies, entities, and more. We'll find and destroy all that has been attacking you and we'll create powerful layers of protection that prevent it from happening again.


5.) EMBODIMENT: Are you embodied by your higher self and the source of your inspiration? Or are you disconnected, struggling to receive insights and instruction? We initiate the process of embodiment and perform powerful healing processes to unite your body and soul.


6.) MANAGING YOUR FLOW: Are you in harmony with your creative flow? Here we address the practical problems of being an artist and a visionary, receiving guidance on your most pressing creative problems.


7.) FAME CODES+SUCCESS CODES: What is your unique blueprint for success? And has it been activated yet? We discover your true zone of genius — the ways in which you were designed to share your one-of-a-kind gifts and be seen by the world — and we activate and expand your containers for fame, success, and more.


8.) THE DIVINE DANCE: Do you know how to work with your guides and muses as a fully embodied artist? Here we connect to your team and facilitate powerful co-creation, discovering and troubleshooting your personal process of receiving and acting on your divine inspiration.


9.) NAVIGATING THE PATH: Do you have the tools to stay un-blocked and keep moving forward in the months ahead? Here we work on managing self-sabotage, upper limiting, and more while creating a roadmap for your financial success.


10.) FINAL ACTIVATION: In this final session, we synthesize the journey and receive lasting guidance from your team before initiating a powerful activation process that will open you to untold levels of creativity, success, and more.

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Visionaries, take note:

You must be mentally and emotionally healthy healthy enough to embark on this intense spiritual journey. The Artistic Mastery process will challenge you to your core, pushing you to excavate your demons, exhume your traumas, and open yourself up to never-before achieved levels of healing. The path is rigorous, but the rewards are unprecedented and will change your life forever.




Because of the intensity of this work and the high level magic I bring through for my mastery clients, only a small handful of program openings are available at one time. To begin the enrollment process or to request more information in a private consultation, contact me using the button below.

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