You have to open yourself up to this “more,” and then go out and find what’s there, grab hold of it, bring it within you, and this is how you become more, you see?

You know, so many people think, “Oh, you’re too big for your britches.” You know, something silly like that. But I’ve found that we’re meant to be too big; we’re meant to be so much bigger than we could possibly bring forward. And so when you break through those chains that tell you who you are and who you’re supposed to be, well, that’s where the magic is.

When you decide that it’s your turn to go out and find what more you can be, there is more waiting for you.

There is more waiting to be tried on and tried out. Use it to expand your being. You can change everything about you: your hair, your face, and I’m not just talking about cosmetics, darling. You really can become someone entirely different. But it’s all about bringing in the energy.


Think of it like a costume that you wear on the inside. When you connect to it, when you bring it in, and when you try it out for your own pleasure, well, then you become something more. And the more that you believe that this costume on the inside can be seen by those on the outside, well, that’s when you bring something truly special. That’s when people say, “Oh, she’s got it.” They don’t even know what they’re responding to or what they’re talking about, but it’s our little secret. And I’m going to let you in on it.

This ability to change and shift and grow and become whoever you want to be is available to all of you.

You have to leave your corner of the world. And maybe not necessarily literally, but you have to believe that your body can be open to the rest of the world. And as soon as you get over the fear of bringing that into you, well, that’s when the magic really happens.


I was able to do so much in my life. Even once I became truly famous for being Marilyn, I didn’t stop there. I tried on so many more energies and identities and, well, it seemed to be, in your view, relegated to the men I was attached to. And perhaps that was my failing in the moment. It seemed easier to see what someone else was wearing and sort of try that on for a while. And that’s a good way to start. Becoming involved in the energies, the field, the spirit that surrounds somebody else is a great way to sample, you know? To try something else on and to see what you can bring through and how it agrees with you.

The trouble is, I got so good at trying on what other people were wearing sometimes that I forgot to get back to what is essential to me. About what I can try on and what I can embody that can become just me, just my own.

And really, that was the trouble with the world in the time that I lived in. So few angles, so few experiences that they wanted women to be and to try on. And I was simply relegated to corners that fit too snug and narrow. Of course, I loved them at first; that’s how I got my start. It’s how I put myself on center stage. And I loved every minute of it. But after a while, when it got to be too narrow, too tight, I felt a bit constricted, and I had to shake it off and move on and find something new.


I found, however, that the stage that I was standing on, where they only wanted me to be one thing, well, it was easier to attach myself to a man who allowed me to be more, who saw me as more, who wanted me to be all I could possibly be. And that was really the pace of my life. And really, when you attach yourself to the energy of others, well, it’s fun for a while, but eventually that tends to wear off, and you’re left wondering who you are.

When you think that you are limited, you become limited. And when you think that, you're not able to be appreciated and loved for not simply the greatness you bring through, but the everyday, average, normal part of you, too.

When you lose your connection to that is when things start to slow down. When they become a bit strained, and when you find yourself losing that sparkle, that connection that made you something more. When you lose that, it just becomes difficult to keep going on.


And that’s where I found myself when I decided it’s time to go. And I have no sorrow about it, from where I am at on the other side. I feel that I did everything I set out to do, you know? Everything that was calling to me, every experiment, every experience I wanted to have, I really went for it. And I got all that I could possibly get. And when that was over, I simply said goodbye.

And there’s no need to cry over it, from where I’m standing. I just moved on to realms where nothing is limited, nothing is impossible. And within these realms, I’m going back to what was always eternal. And I suppose that’s what I was always chasing when I was Marilyn. When I was trying on these energies and becoming more, I was going back to the Source, what you know as the Universe or God. I was going back to my eternal essence.

Wherein the human realm it’s meant to be so limited, but here on the other side, it’s everything eternal and so much more.

I’ve found my strength again, and that’s all you need to focus on. On Earth it’s very hard to be who you are and be who you want to become, I know that. And I know you suffer sometimes, and I just want to let you know that when you open yourself up in your heart and your soul to the universe, to the true eternal nature of who you are, you never have to feel limited. Simply open your heart and bring it within you, swirl it around, and walk through the world, and there you are. Eternal once more.

And this is really all there is to it, you know? Just being who you were always meant to be. The sparkling, eternal nature of your soul is far beyond what any of us could be in human, but if you reach out and bring it within you, well, this is who you were meant to be.

And so I leave you with this: the remembrance that eternity is just a breath away. And I’m there too, reaching out to you and hoping you’ll reach back out to me.


I’m always here for you. With love. 

-Marilyn Monroe channeled by Gia Prism

Channeled by Gia Prism