Hello, darlings. I’m back to bring you a message about reaching into the ethers for your highest inspiration and bringing down a new creation ... 

... something that only becomes you because you wear it, because you put it on and move around and suddenly it’s you, only not you, it’s a new you. And this is the kind of potential that’s available to you here on this earth.

When I was alive, there wasn’t much available for women, and so I had to get creative to figure out how to become more.

I wasn’t born to much. In fact, that’s where I might have stayed had I not discovered this ability to bring in and simply become this other thing that I would feel. I could become anything I wanted, but the trouble with that is that, well, when you’re a woman, especially in the time that I lived in, people only seem to want one thing from you. And so I used that one thing to bring through something that moved millions of people throughout time.

And it wasn’t just my sex appeal, although that certainly was something I used to my advantage. It was something more, something very innately human and divine at the same time. This ability to bring through different energies and personas and simply wear them at your leisure is something that we all have the potential to do.

But the problem is that many of us don’t recognize it. We come into the world, in the corner of the world that we’re meant to live, and we stay there, living and dying in the same few square miles. And, well, if you want to be more, you have to realize first that this “more” is available to you. It’s all around you. And simply by figuring out what you have inside that matches what’s around you is really the only way to get it.

As Channeled by Gia Prism


How to Become MoreGia Prism feat. Marilyn Monroe
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In a series of channeled sessions, Marilyn Monroe shares how she discovered her ability to tune into energies and wear them to become more than herself — and how we can all become more than we ever thought possible.


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