Channeled by Gia Prism

You were never meant to make it. Because while they're doing this to you, they're on to somebody else. Always on to somebody else.

Somebody younger, somebody prettier, somebody more willing to work harder and eat less and not give 'em so much trouble.

So what do I say now? Now that it's all over and I've done what I've done? I say give 'em hell.

You are worth it, honey. Worth all of it and more, so much more. Their promises are lies. Don't believe 'em. Don't believe for a second that they're the ones who grant your wishes. You do, doll. You do. So don't let them get between you and your dreams. You dreamed 'em, now you go out there and fight for 'em.

You make it happen. Never forget that. And never believe for a second they'll give you what they promised you. They're not giving, they're taking. So don't give it. Use it for yourself.

You're a star, a real one. You belong to the stars and you are made of stardust. Don't let them turn it into ashes.

Give 'em hell.

-Judy Garland channeled by Gia Prism