Jeff Buckley

as channeled by Gia Prism

"My gift was to be raw and vulnerable and to make people feel something.

"Nobody wanted to feel back then. So many drug deaths in music. So many broken people running from pain. I came in and made them feel.

"My life was complete, and people don't want to see that. ... Had I gone on, I would have collapsed. I would have caved in on myself. That wasn't my purpose. I was blessed to go home when I did."

"And because of it, this early exit, my legacy lives on. It's sort of a holy grail in music, you know. This making people feel. Not consciously, but people crave what I brought. They felt it and they want to create more of it. I planted a seed. I was never meant to see the tree grow.

​“So many great artists are ‘gone too soon,’ we say. But it’s precisely because they left at their peak that we remember them. Their death is as much a part of their mission as their life. This feeling of unfinished business leaves a longing in us, a yearning to reach out for them, to discover what it was they had or what exactly they brought that touched us so. It’s what sends us searching for the divine, reaching out beyond time and space and into the ethers to connect with MORE.

"Death is as much god as god is god. Death is a beautiful teacher. It directs our yearning toward something, or someone, and sends us on a quest that stays with us through life."






"Longevity, that wasn't my mission.

Surviving the pitfalls of the artist wasn't my mission. My mission was to exist in all my rawness, realness, and let people see it and bleed. They needed to open up and bleed."

-Jeff Buckley as channeled by Gia Prism


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