"If you're not living your life as a work of art, then why are you even living? And what are you living for?"

"There are all these people walking around wondering who they are. We're all artists, every single one of us. Because an artist is someone who creates something from nothing; an artist is someone who creates. And we were all born to create. Every last one of us.

"The trouble is that we don’t know this. We believe so many other twisted things about what an artist is or isn’t, who is allowed to create art and who isn’t, which art is worth consuming and which isn’t. It’s all nonsense. It’s all rooted in control and scarcity and feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy that are completely skewed from our original divine purpose: Our role as creator beings in a world that needs creating.

"That's right. We are all creating our world. You didn't think the creation ended when God took a nap, did you?"

"Oh no, no no no. God took his rest, you see, but we get to go on creating. We are gods birthed into bodies to shape this world every day. Every day! There isn’t a day of your life that you aren’t creating. 

"This is what they call creating by default, you see. Creating when you aren’t consciously aware of it, when you’re not purposefully creating something of your own design.

"Because art isn’t relegated to the page or the canvas or the song. Art is how we take what we feel and believe and love and fear and long for, and we bring it within us and swirl it around, and then we put it back out into the world as something new. This is creation."

"This is what we do, who we are. So if you’re not aware of it, you’d better get on board, and quick. 

"Because when you take control of your artistic mechanism, when you consciously allow yourself to step into this role as artist and creator, you begin to shape your world almost immediately. You begin to create new paths and possibilities that weren’t there before. You create them for yourselves and you create them for others.

"This is how we change the world together: through art."

-David Bowie channeled by Gia Prism

Channeled by Gia Prism