Artistic Mastery Program

Work with Gia in a remote 1-on-1 session, conducted live via online call

Healing + Guidance

Ask questions of your spirit team and receive powerful guidance and healing on the spot in a remote one-on-one session, conducted live via online call.

In a 60-minute private session, you'll get crystal clear guidance from the spiritual realm and receive powerful streams of healing energies to dissolve your blocks and fears, giving you everything you need to smash your upper limits and get everything you want.

As a psychic and a healer, my specialty is being able to see how the pains of your past — and the patterns and traumas you've inherited and picked up along the way — are causing the problems of the present. I can reveal your blind spots, show you the truth, heal the pain, and erase the patterns for good.

Clients say a session with me is like talk therapy meets psychic reading, and so much more . . .


By connecting with and relating information from your spirit team of guardian angels, deceased loved ones, spirit guides, and your higher self, I'll be able to tell you with extraordinary detail who you are, what you've been through, and, for the first time in your life, you'll finally know why — why you've been stuck, why you're caught in cycles of pain, why you subconsciously recreate them, and why you haven't yet been able to break free.


Then, as I'll guide you through healing processes and channel transformative energies, you'll experience profound emotional release and a deep sense of peace, love, joy and unlimited potential. We'll finish up by channeling guidance from your spirit team, giving you the exact next steps you need to take to make your next great evolutionary leap.

Are you ready to heal and become who you were meant to be?

60 minutes - $250
"I highly recommend Gia with all the comets, meteor showers, and lightning bolts shooting out of the screen."

"First, this is a really positive and light experience. Second, she's whip-smart and fast. She blew my mind as she just nailed it in seconds flat. Next, lady gets it: Where others will help you illuminate something, Gia comes in and cleans up house and you will discover what actually needs to be done and what action can solve the issue. Gia is truly brilliant and hugely gifted. This is a priceless service. Gia is the real deal, and this service is a golden egg."

-Jessica Sunshine Christian, Screenwriter

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